Shopping Starts on Amazon.

So Should Your Revenue Growth.


merchantads is an invite-only platform for getting more out of Amazon Advertising. For marketers who know better.


As we build the platform, we have an exclusive offer for Amazon PPC management services.


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Your team has a revenue target to hit. Your options: Growth in an expanding market or take a slice of someone else's marketshare. Achieving both is the dream scenario. 


Your business decision, "how much do we spend on Amazon Advertising" depends upon seeing things clearly - because big growth (market opportunity) requires a big vision (that's where we come in). We live and breath ecom and paid media at merchantads. So we're building a platform for it.


Don't worry if phrases like YoY targets, C-suite or PPC practitioners sound like Wolf of Wall Street talk - we're here to help the little guy too! 


We can help SMEs and micro retailers assess their business fitness level for Amazon PPC. We help you answer the question, "How much should I spend on Amazon?" by evaluating your market opportunity and get you **drumroll** business fit for profitability using PPC ads. Overcome your fear of losing money with ads and create a sustainable business model on one of the fastest growing marketplaces in the world.


Crush the cost of getting a sale on Amazon while not getting crushed by the competition - that's what we can help you with.


Our experience in media and advertising goes back to the first ever online pizza delivery order. That was Daren. Another one was first fashion magazine to launch on Amazon Echo. That was Andrew. So as a team we love big ideas and turning tomorrow into today.


Our vision is to help marketers and advertisers make better decisions in an ad market where Google and Facebook fail to tell you what the market opportunity looks like. At Amazon, CUSTOMERS & VALUE are always at the center of the universe. That means it's our center too. 


Our value to customers will be clear. Crazy high fees for ROI automation? Nope. We don't believe that's the Amazon way.


The people involved in merchantads have delivered millions in paid media revenue growth - and profitability - for brands big and small. Now we'd like to help you with your Amazon Advertising. 


Let's do this. 


The Platform

Our vision is simple.


Turn 15 years of digital advertising knowledge & experience into the best platform for Amazon Advertising insights, strategy and tactics.



merchantads' unfair advantages:

✓ We want to supercharge the connection between Amazon Advertising and brands / SMEs

✓ Business intelligence that isn't data overload

✓ Actionable insights for practitioners who are under pressure to hit targets

✓ Sell more at higher profitability

✓ Save time with automation of tasks

✓ We help SMEs get fit for advertising if you need to reduce CPAs

✓ No 'Percentage Of Media Spend' Pricing
✓ Low Cost Monthly Fees 


As We're Building The Platform,
Here's An Exclusive Offer

We provide a "no win no fee" style service through our agency team, as we build the platform.

We want to do this so that we can listen and continue to identify every pain point you might have. 


Our Amazon agency service provides the PPC creative disruption needed to find new customers.


✓ ROAS Guaranteed or No Fees
✓ 100% Focused on Amazon PPC
✓ Automate Boring Workflows

✓ Sell more at higher profitability.
✓Reach New Customers on Amazon.

✓ Save Time Getting The Right Answers.

Agencies Offering Amazon Services Often Lack Focus ...And Don't Get Amazon Like We Do

Because the vast majority of their billings come from Google and Facebook ad services. Other agencies treat AMS as a “bolt-on” service as they milk your marketing budget.


Any company who bill based on percentage of media spend is only interested in one thing: spending more of your money.


When you’re looking for an Amazon agency partner you can trust, several questions will run through your mind.


Who is this company?

Why should I trust them to deliver results?

Why merchantads?


When you request a proposal, we can discuss the issues that concern you the most.


We want to understand your challenges.


We’re ready to help you grow your sales and brand awareness on Amazon.

Attending Amazon Training Day in London, Sept 2017

Amazon Advertising Management

We focus 100% exclusively on Amazon, where more shopping searches begin.
We are best-in-class specialists.

Amazon Advertising Agency

If you need an agency to help you optimise your Amazon PPC account, we can help.

Headline Search Ads

Amazon adverts that appear above relevant search results, putting you directly in your ideal customers’ line of vision. This is one of the most recognisable tactics for sales.

Product Display Ads

Adverts featured on related products’ individual pages, allowing you to tempt customers away from another brand – and towards yours.

Sponsored Product Ads

Adverts that appear below relevant search results, for when you want to catch the attention of shoppers who can’t stop scrolling.

Because if you're not on Amazon, do you exist?

Do not underestimate the power of brand visibility in the most powerful shopping marketplace.

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